Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rustic Living

The Week So Far

Sunday Night (by Walter)

Assorted cheeses
Garlic-eggplant relish and India relish
Spaghetti in garlic and ginger sauce
Beef tongue in sweet and sour sauce (in honor of Miss Leslie)
Spring vegetable terrine

"The Naturalist" by Maureen McHugh
"A Water Matter" by Jay Lake

Dinner: by Miss Leslie
Grilled yogurt and saffron chicken
Rice with black caroway
Poached asparagus with orange vinaigrette
Grilled balsamic three-pepper skewers
Yogurt mint cucumber salad
Apricot almond torte in apricot sauce, with vanilla ice cream
Ginger chocolate chip cookies

"Grandma, of Blessed Memory" by Leslie What
"Off the Fire Road" by Eileen Gunn

Dinner by Maureen
Grilled ribeye steak with Italian seasoning
Gnocchi with homemade pomodoro and mushroom sauce
Roasted Italian vegetables
Low country bread pudding with ice cream


Blogger Responsible Artist said...

I'm up early and thinking I'd better get over there for a bowl of bread pudding before the others wake up and remember it's still there....

8:00 AM  

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