Monday, May 08, 2006

Postcards of the Damned

I am struck with admiration for the Post-Rapture Post.

After you're raptured up to heaven, you will of course want to communicate with the damned souls stuck on Earth, perhaps urging them to last-minute repentance, perhaps just to send a little "nyah-nyah-nyah" to the friend or neighbor who scoffed at your faith.

The Post-Rapture Post guarantees delivery of your message.

And how do we know that the creators of this service won't be raptured themselves and be unable to deliver the letter? "The answer is simple. The creators of this site are Atheists. That's right, we don't believe in God. How else would we be able to deliver your correspondence after the Rapture?"

Seems foolproof to me.


Anonymous Max Kaehn said...

I notice they don't have an option for legally binding documents for transfer of possessions. Shouldn't people be selling futures contracts for assuming ownership of goods after the previous owner has been transported to Heaven?

Hmmm... maybe some forward-looking public servant should establish an equivalent of the estate tax that covers such transactions...

4:05 PM  
Blogger Secret Rapture said...

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11:07 AM  

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