Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Mind is Melded

I have participated in SF Signal's Mind Meld, in which a whole clutch of authors have been set loose on the same topic.

The latest query: "How do you think media tie-in novels affect the genre of SF/F?"

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Blogger Dave Bishop said...

Amen, to the last paragraph of your contribution, Walter:

"I only wish it was the creators of science fiction- the people who put all this stuff in books for people to find - who were making the money, and not the people who use their ideas without credit"

As a long-time fan I would also add that I deplore the way that those stolen ideas and tropes tend to be debased and degraded in media SF and tie-ins. It often feels like those ideas and tropes are ripped out of written SF and stuck on to soap opera type plots -much like lumps of latex are stuck on to human actors' faces to make TV aliens.

I think I've made a similar point before - advancing old age is making me repeat myself like my dear old dad used to do - sorry!

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