Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Clarion 2009

Clarion, the science fiction field's pre-eminent workshop, is open for submissions from prospective students.

The six-week workshop will take place at University of California at San Diego, and will run June 28 through August 8. This year's writers in residence will be Holly Black, Larissa Lai, Robert Crais, Kim Stanley Robinson, Elizabeth Hand, and Paul Park.

If you have any ambitions toward writing this stuff, this is really the place to start.

Further information here.



Blogger Cat Rambo said...

Hey! Point 'em to Clarion West too! :) This year's instructors are John Kessel, Elizabeth Bear, Karen Joy Fowler, Nalo Hopkinson, David Hartwell, and Rudy Rucker.

6:15 PM  
Blogger dubjay said...

Okay, but they have to apply to Clarion =first!=

7:15 PM  

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