Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To Baltimore--- and Beyond!

I'm off to Balticon, and will check in from there if the Internet gods are willing.

Turns out I'm on programming after all--- a reading at noon on Sunday, followed by a signing at one.

(At least I managed to avoid the Williams Hour--- ten o'clock on Sunday morning, when the only audience I get are the drunk guys who haven't been to bed.)

Anyway, hope to see you all there.



Blogger Larry Hodges said...

Hi Walter,
Looking forward to meeting you. I'll be the one following you around everywhere, hanging on every word, writing them down, and studying them late into the night so I can question you on them the following day, where I'll also be following you around, hanging on every word.
Just kidding! I've already read and critiqued all seven manuscripts received so far for Taos Toolbox. (I'm averaging over 1600 words per critique; that's downright scary!)
-Larry Hodges, Taos Toolbox, 2008

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeez, had I actually been reading blogs instead of working, I wouldn't have been knocked over when you wandered into the cafe and sat down with Connie and me. I am so unconnected to the rest of the world right now and I feel silly for asking you why you didn't tell anyone. You did. You told the whole damned internet!


6:31 AM  

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