Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tombs Across the River

The other day, we could step out onto the balcony of our hotel and view, across the river, the rock-cut temple tombs of Lycia. On the western side of the river, as the tombs are in Egypt.

I will have to post a picture once I get home.

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Blogger Jvstin Tomorrow said...

Yes! Please! :)

7:24 AM  
Blogger EdE said...

The Story of the Universe Girls

"Uhhh," said Henry Darger.

The thing from space reiterated its point.

Darger had to write his endless, scandalous novel, or the universe would end.

Darger wanted to stop. Oh, how he wanted to stop.

He looked to the door of his tiny, dingy apartment. It was open. He got up to leave.

The universe smiled as the door slammed. Reaching into itself the universe pulled forth Darger's obscure, almost

forgotten novel. After reading it in an instant, the universe said, "That shit makes me uncomfortable."

6:34 PM  

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